Lambriu pin nordic thermo, Lunawood

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Valabilitate: Stoc limitat
278 RON / mp
Per ambalaj: 0.351 mp (4 kg)
Cod: L-PTH
Brand: Lunawood
Material: Pin termotratat
Total comanda: 0.351 mp = 97,57 RON
(unitati de ambalare)

Dimensions: 3300 / 3600x117x19mm

Panel made of Nordic pine wood, heat treated, intended for outdoor use. 

The paneling is fastened by hidden screws or cloves.

It is recommended that in case of outdoor use to be periodically oiled in order to keep the color unaltered by UV rays and to close the pores.

Lunawood is a world leader in wood heat treatment technology. Heat treatment of wood brings structural changes that make it much more resistant to attack by various pests (mold, fungi, insects) but also greatly reduces the degree of water absorption.



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